HOW to's

GROW your own bean sprouts

Time: 4 days to 1 week
mung beans
pot (I use stainless steel pot)
dish cloth or paper towel (to cover the pot yet still provide ventilation)
DEBONE chicken wings

adapted from titi的懶人廚房

Time: for beginner, 10 minutes for each chicken wing deboned

1 pair of scissors
your thumb and index finger
1 dish cloth (for wiping away scraps of meat left on your fingers)
gentleness and patience
  1. HOLD the drumstick.
  2. PRESS down with your thumb the meat at the tip of the drumstick (the thicker end without the joint) to expose the bone.
  3. With the scissors, gently CUT off tendons/meat/skin attached to the bone. NOW you want to be careful not to pierce the skin and poke any holes!!
  4. With all tendons detached, PULL the meat with your thumb and index finger all the way down to the joint.
  5. CUT off the bone and repeat steps 1-3. Be careful not to poke holes!
  6. PULL the meat all the way down to the joint. Trim away "stubborn" meat attached to the bones when necessary.

  1. Get live fish that you actually see it swimming right before your eyes. The fishmongers know the trick. Where I come from has a huge seafood culture and fish markets are like outdoor aquariums. Most likely, you will find tilapia. In L.A., you might even find carps. Cat fish is generally not a common steamed fish variety.
  2. Get small to medium fish, about 1 to 1 ½ pound. The meat tastes better with tender texture. For a big fish like a carp, often reaching more than three pounds, have the fishmongers cut it into pieces.
  3. Ask the fishmongers to clean it for you. Scaled. Gutted. Everything cleaned. Don't cut off the head and tail.
  4. If live fish is not a viable option, get the fish with the best eyes (popped out nicely with bright color) and flesh (which is firm to the touch). Get dirty with your hand, check for a bright red gill.