April 17, 2012

Four weeks of meal planning

Can you be addicted to meal planning?

29 weeks into my pregnancy, I started to take on this project that I deemed unnecessary in the past. Now it has become my Sunday ritual. My primary purpose is simple. Setting aside reduced grocery bills and my heightened nutritional concern, I want to have fun and expand my repertoire before the baby's birth. After a day's work, a meal plan also increases your motivation to get ready in the kitchen, making cooking a top priority.

Yet, a meal plan should allow for flexibility. It's a tool to help you eat and cook better. Deviating from a plan shouldn't compromise the fun.

To keep this new habit going, I have my three "takes":
  1. Take inventory of your fridge - what's turning bad? Is there any leftover? 
  2. Take caution - what's your need for nutrition? My priorities are fish, veggies, and soups.
  3. Take notes - what's in season? what are the latest cookbooks/food blog entries you read (I even watch YouTube cooking videos)?any coupons or deals lately?
The fun part comes in #3 where I look for chances to improve my cooking. Yes, in just four weeks, meal planning has nurtured me to be more creative, at least, for preparing spare ribs with multiple seasoning, from black bean sauces, orange peels, to hawthorn.

Last but not least, what's the best thing about making meal plans? They become your food diary!

To help you get started, this guideline from Unclutterer is a wonderful read.

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