May 13, 2012

{Garden} My mom-in-law's rooftop vegetable garden

My mom grew up farming—even when she was pregnant with me—before she moved to Hong Kong from China. The idea of keeping a vegetable garden at home didn't interest her very much. On the other hand, my mom-in-law grew up in an urban city in China where farming wasn't necessarily her daily chore. Now, she keeps a wonderful rooftop garden with lots of vegetables. Last summer, I was in Hong Kong for three months and was excited by the fact that most of our food on the dining table came from "upstairs."

The ultimate definition of upcycle: used washing machine part as a planter.

Dragon fruit

Beautiful peppers

Growing corn in the city. What a sight!

Planting starts!

My favorite vegetable, water spinach, from farm to table.


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Wow, organic veggie from rooftop , amazing!

minneville said...

You can do that too! It takes a lot of time and patience though...

Rolf said...

Wow! That’s a lot of healthy plants your mom got up there. How long did she grow all of these? Hmm. I think what your mom did with your roof is very attractive, especially since green roofs are becoming a huge trend right now. Now she can contribute to the beautification and cleanliness of the environment

Rolf Matchen

Allyson Sunde said...

Your mom in law has created a very attractive rooftop garden, my friend. The rooftop garden is a great idea for the home, not just because it smartens up the place, but also because you guys are benefiting from it. Her crops are looking very healthy, and I am positive that it is going to keep you all healthy as well.

Allyson Sunde

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