May 08, 2013

My mom-in-law's rooftop garden 2013 spring


I'm back in Hong Kong again. It has become almost a ritual to check out what my mom-in-law is growing everytime when I'm home. What is even more special this year is that most of my son's food comes from here! And to my surprise, he loves what I hate: beet.


tianqi (a kind of Chinese herb)

yam leaves



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Ginny said...

Hi Tina. I stumbled on your blog searching for tianqi and your blog was the only one that came up with the same picture of the plant I have growing! I've searched high and low on how to take care of this plant and how to use it in cooking or medicinally. Do you by any chance have any more info or can obtain this info from your in-laws? Thanks! Ginny